Ensure the safety of your most valuable cargo.

We transport eggs, sperm and embryos. We strive to ensure they get to their destination on time and in perfect condition.

About us

Life on ice is a family business, conceived from a desire to improve patient experience and clinic confidence when moving samples. We take the utmost care of what we transport.

Our team

Robert Muir

Transport Director

Robert leads our transports effort and is responsible for the logistics surrounding this.

Sam Muir BSc (Hons)


Sam is a part of our IVF courier team in the UK.

Fergus Irons BEng (Hons)


Fergus is a part of our IVF courier team in the UK.

Ben Parsons BEng (Hons)


Ben is a part of our IVF courier team in the UK.

Jake Muir


Jake is a part of our IVF courier team in the UK.

Josh Muir

Web developer

Josh created this website and maintains it.

Let our family take care of the hopes and dreams for yours.

Ellen picture

Ellen Drew BSc (Hons)

Technical Director

Ellen is an Embryologist in Dundee, and has 30 years experience in IVF. She can be seen on the BBC documentary ‘Making Babies’.

Our services

We offer a high quality transport service for human eggs, sperm and embryos with many benefits to ensure peace of mind.

Personal & transported by hand

We care about what we transport. That's why all shipping is done by hand.

Continuous temperature monitoring

We monitor the temperature of our containers and provide a report on delivery.

Eco friendly

We make use of electric vehicles wherever possible to minimise our carbon footprint.


We are based in Scotland but ship to the rest of the UK, Europe and the world.

Validated dry shippers

Our shippers are fully validated and conform to IATA regulations.

Third party agreements

We hold third party agreements with many ART clinics across the UK.

Clinic liaison service

We can liaise directly with the clinics to make things as simple as possible.

Quality management system

We have a tried and tested quality management system in place to ensure we deliver.

Contact us

If you are interested in using our services, or would like to find out more, please feel free to reach out to us: